• FCC, local police warn about reoccurring phone scams

    By: Ryan Love


    SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Local police and the FCC are warning people about a common scam call appearing to come from another country or place -- such as Sierra Leone.
    • Sand Springs police say these calls could be connected to the "Wangiri" scam.
    • This scam happens in the form of a phone call from an unknown number -- oftentimes from another country and featuring a (+) symbol in front of the number.
    • These calls drop as soon as a user answers, or may leave a message when a user does not answer.
    • Police say not to return the calls as it is an attempt by scammers to collect money.
    • According to the Sand Springs Police Department's Facebook page, users can call their phone providers to ask about what to do to reduce the number of scam calls.

    The FCC provided the following tips to avoid the scam:

    • Don't answer or return any calls from numbers you don't recognize.
    • Before calling unfamiliar numbers, check to see if the area code is international.
    • If you do not make international calls, ask your phone company to block outgoing international calls on your line.
    • Always be cautious, even if a number appears authentic.

    Anyone who thinks they have been scammed can file a complaint with the FCC for free HERE

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