Local non-profit celebrates International World Teacher Day, says ‘thank you’ to educators

TULSA, Okla. — Tuesday, Oct. 5 is International World Teacher Day, and Tulsa Area United Way has established an avenue for the public to share their thanks to educators and support staff for their work with today’s young people.

“During the height of the pandemic when children had to attend school remotely, many parents and guardians felt the reality first-hand of the challenges our educators face, not just in the pandemic, but every day,” said Tulsa Area United Way President and CEO Alison Anthony.

Because of this reality shift, the organization has decided to give members of the public an opportunity to share their personal messages to their local teachers and school staff members.

“We wanted to provide an easy way for the public to say thanks,” Anthony said. “This only takes a few minutes, and it costs them nothing to share a kind word.”

To participate, people can go to this website.

“These will also go to education support staff and teachers,” Anthony said. “We know that there are many who play a hand in our children’s educations – bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, librarians and more. They deserve our thanks as well.”

Along with messages shared digitally, United Way also plans to print out notes and deliver them to teachers in the Tulsa community. Along with the online posted notes that United Way plans to share electronically, they will also print the notes and deliver them throughout the community’s school districts.