Tulsa man tracks down pizza delivery driver accused of stealing girl's birthday dress off porch

Tulsa man tracks down niece's stolen birthday dress


  • A young girl has her birthday dress back in time for her party, thanks to her uncle.
  • Tony Martinez says his sister ordered her daughter a birthday party dress from Amazon and had delivery alerts sent to her phone so a relative coould pick it up right away. But in less than ten minutes, her security video captured a Papa John's driver pulling into the driveway, getting out with a flat pizza bag, and a minute later returning to the car with a stuffed pizza bag. The relative got to the house a minute later and package was gone.
  • The family said they filed a police report, but the birthday part was in two days, this Saturday. Martinez, the girl's uncle, drove to a nearby Papa John's location and showed the manager the security video. Manager recognized her as a delivery driver for their location. Martinez says the employees were very apologetic and helpful and gave him the driver's phone number.
  • He called the driver and convinced her to meet him and give the dress back.
  • Martinez captured the meeting on video, which shows the woman returning the dress and appologizing. She told him she is taking new medication and didn't even remember taking the dress.
  • Martinez says he just hopes she'll never do anything like that again.

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