• Local gas thefts jump after Hurricane Harvey

    By: Lynn Casey


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:


    • Reports of gas theft are up since Hurricane Harvey.
    • FOX23 reported the storm caused the temporary closure of some refineries, resulting in a spike in gas prices in Green Country, bringint the average price around Tulsa to about $2.39 for the last couple of weeks.
    • Thieves have reportedly started driving off without paying at gas stations, and even stealing fuel from other cars in area driveways overnight.
    • Tulsa police officers say it’s a difficult crime to track, because it is filed as a larceny, along with other thefts.
    • FOX23 spoke with a handful of officers who say they’ve heard of and taken reports from all parts of town of this happening since Harvey.
    • We talked to neighbors in the east Tulsa Fulton neighborhood, where multiple people said they woke up early Sunday morning to find their gas tanks had been emptied. Some of them report the thieves attempted to come back the next day after they’d filled up, but they were waiting for them and scared them off.

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