Local couple celebrates 80th wedding anniversary

TULSA, Okla. — A local couple is celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

Gene and Irene Bond met at Okemah High School, where Gene said he saw Irene talking to another boy. Gene said he ran him off and sat down beside Irene. He said he knew from the first day that he would marry her.

Gena and Irene have been at the Country Club at Woodland Hills Retirement Community in Tulsa for 15 years. Monday, the retirement community held an anniversary party for them with cake and cards. Gov. Kevin Stitt even sent a certificate.

Irene said a successful relationship involves a willingness to give and take.

“It can’t all be one-sided. As long as you love each other and overcome those things you don’t agree on, just move off of them and talk about things you do agree on,” said Irene. “Gene and I have a good life. We understand each other.”

“Don’t forget who you fell in love with to start with, and just continue it all your life,” said Gene.