• Tulsa company revolutionizes the use of drones in industry

    By: Lynn Casey


    Quick Facts

    • Tulsa men started started XWorks, a company that revolutionizes the way drones are used commercially
    • High-tech commercial drones can last about 40 minutes.
    • XWorks created a fully automated docking station called RDIST that helps eliminate that timeframe from being a barrier to expanded commercial use.
    • One of the first ways they’re putting it to use is in the oil industry to inspect well sites
    • Drones and docking stations make the inspection process  more efficient. 
    • This docking station can tell the drones what to do, change a battery or camera, charge batteries, and a number of other things, completely robotically.
    • XWorks estimates it can save an oil company $1 million a year per 1,000 well sites monitored.
    • Right now FAA regulations say you can’t fly a drone out of sight of a pilot. XWorks applied for a waiver from the FAA they expect to receive in 2018. 
    • XWorks will begin a pilot program with an Oklahoma oil company in August
    • When they get their FAA waiver they’ll be able to expand testing.

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