‘I was roofied and this happened’ Dr. Ricco Wright speaks out about sexual assault allegations

TULSA, Okla. — Dr. Ricco Wright has spoken publicly for the first time since being accused of sexually assaulting local artist, Laura Voth. Dr. Wright says he was roofied and doesn’t remember what happened the night of the incidents Voth described. Dr Wright said, “I was roofied and this happened.”

Laura Voth announced earlier this month with her attorneys, Keith Flinn and Isaiah Byrdie, her intent to press charges of sexual assault against Tulsa mayoral candidate and owner of Black Wall Street Gallery, Dr. Ricco Wright.

In a news conference Monday, June 22nd, Voth said Wright made several sexual advances, both physical and verbal, toward her without her consent.

Voth’s attorneys say they are talking to others that say they have similar allegations.

Voth, Flinn, and Byrdie say they encourage any other women with similar allegations against Wright to come forward.

Charges have not yet been filed. No formal investigation has been done at this time.

FOX23 reached out to Dr. Ricco Wright’s attorney, Bret Swab, with Swab Stall Horton & Fu who says Wright denies the allegations and that he still plans to move forward to run for office.

Swab said they were unaware of the exact allegations that were brought up Monday afternoon, but said the accusations arise out of an encounter that had happened during a business interaction that occurred back in 2018 in an open public area.

Swab said after a conversation with Dr. Wright, it is important that every victim has a right to voice a concern of any alleged misconduct, especially in a sensitive case like this one, but he says it is also important that there is a full investigation to ensure a fair and just system works for everyone involved.

The attorney said Dr. Wright believes the accusations from 2018 resulted in no action by any law enforcement agency and it’s his belief that that was based on the fact that nothing had occurred- that it was improper. He said Wright categorically denies any misconduct.

Here’s the official statement from Swab:

“The accusations against my client, Dr. Ricco Wright, are without merit. In December 2018, the accuser filed a police report, which the Tulsa Police Department (TPD) investigated and found no evidence to support the accusations. Dr. Wright believes in due process and the right for all citizens to live without harassment or assault. As a father of two daughters and as a son, Dr. Wright also believes in respecting women, and these accusations do not in any way reflect his true character.”

FOX23 will continue to update this article as we learn more information.