Local animal shelter faces criticism for euthanization by gunshot

VIDEO: Local animal shelter criticized for shooting animals

BRISTOW, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Bristow's animal shelter is facing criticism for euthanization by gunshot.
  • The mayor there said such euthanization is legal.
  • State law demands humane euthanasia for animals, but it does not define "humane."

A local animal shelter is getting a lot of attention after Bristow residents discovered dogs there are being euthanized by gunshot.

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Because of the size of the city, Bristow is legally allowed to euthanize however officials see fit, but state law does not clarify what is humane.

The mayor confirmed that three dogs, including a pit bull, were put down by gunshot in the last week.

Oklahoma law allows municipalities under 10,000 people to use any humane method to put animals down, but it does not define “humane.”

The mayor stressed that the main objective is to find homes for pets, but when dogs are left for long periods of time without being claimed or adopted, they are euthanized.

Some said they feel the shelter is targeting pit bulls, but the mayor said they do not pick out a specific breed, but they euthanize based on how long the animal has been in the facility.

Residents told FOX23 that they have tried to help get word out about the animals in the shelter, but they were turned away.