• Local animal hospital warns pet owners about dangerous dog flu

    By: Michelle Linn


    OWASSO, Okla. - A local animal hospital is warning pet owners about a highly contagious dog flu going around.

    Two strains of this dog flu are going around: H3N2 and H3N8. Officials confirmed multiple cases of this flu going around in northwest Arkansas.

    Experts say 80 percent of the dogs exposed to the flu come down with the virus. They say 8 percent of those who contract the virus will die.

    This is the first year Dr. Chris Kelley at the Small Animal Hospital of Owasso is recommending all dogs get vaccinated for the virus that causes the sickness.

    Kelley said he used to only recommend the vaccinations for show dogs or dogs that are oftentimes boarded.

    The virus can live as long as 24 hours on clothing or dog toys.

    For the month of September, the vet is offering a flu shot clinic for $29. The shot goes up in price to $49 after the end of the month.

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