• Local animal control officer takes animals into her home to fill no-kill shelter void

    By: Cailey Dougherty


    RAMONA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Ramona does not have a no-kill animal shelter.
    • A local animal control officer is caring for animals in her own home to help fill the void.
    • She says she's helped more than 15 animals in the past year.
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    A local animal control officer is going above and beyond to help ensure that shelters in the Ramona area avoid killing animals.

    Yanna Tate goes beyond her required duties. 

    She says she's been working in the Ramona area for about a year.

    In that time, she's reportedly saved more than 15 animals by nursing them back to health in her own home, filling a void of not having a no-kill shelter in the area.

    Her most recent rescue was a dog named Vulcan, who she says was found neglected in freezing temperatures last December.

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    With the help of "For the Animals Vet Clinic," Tate was able to help Vulcan recover.

    She says animals in Vulcan's condition are usually euthanized due to the high amount of care they require.

    Vulcan has since been transferred to a Colorado rescue.

    Tate says she misses Vulcan, but she's happy to have helped him and many other animals find new life.

    She says she's contracted with a nearby boarding kennel, which is a good first step to trying to get a no-kill shelter in the Ramona area.

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