Lawsuits filed against Maplewood Care Center for wrongful deaths, negligence

Three lawsuits filed Friday against Maplewood Care Center in south Tulsa allege wrongful death, negligence and staff not taking care of wounds.

In a FOX23 investigation we talked to the attorney about the claims and the people he’s representing

Lillie Poyner is a resident at Maplewood Care Center.

“They are here to be helped,” says her daughter Jennifer Robertson.

Robertson says she noticed her mom wasn’t getting the care she needed. She and her brother noticed it on a visit to see her.

“Neither one of us were notified about this but it had been going on for at least a month,” she said.

Three lawsuits were filed by lawyer Greg Denney including one for Lillie Poyner.

“We have seen stage four bed sores. In some of the cases that we filed, just generally not taking care of folks, not bathing them properly, not rolling them properly and just not caring for them whatsoever in some situations.”

The lawsuit says Lillie Poyner has been routinely neglected, including, but not limited to, failure of staff to turn/reposition her, failure of staff to provide proper wound care, failure to provide proper catheter care, and failure of staff to recognize and treat infections.

In another lawsuit it says a resident was routinely neglected, the lawsuit says quote “leaving her sitting in her own bodily fluids, failure of staff to provide proper wound care.”

A third lawsuit says the facility did not prevent or reduce the risk of fall for another patient.

It says it did not properly evaluate after an injury fall and failure of staff to provide proper wound care and treat infections.

It goes on to say “due to this negligent care the patient was “unable to walk, malnourished and eventually required emergency transportation to the hospital where it was determined she had sustained a fracture that had been undiagnosed and untreated. approximately three weeks later (the patient) passed away.”

The lawsuit sues for negligent care and wrongful death.

It’s one of many cases Denney says he is looking into.

“The ones we are filing lawsuits on are substantiated. every case is different. there is an investigator assigned to every case every fact is different in every case. not all the players are the same so you might find some people getting extremely poor care and not getting take care of at all and then you might have some residents just getting by with the minimum care,” said Denney.

We spoke with Aaron Hall earlier this week who is nearly a quadriplegic. He has limited use of his left arm.

“There are days I wake up and cry because I wish I died in my sleep because of the care I get. that is the honest to God truth,” Aaron Hall said earlier this week.

Denney says he is looking into this case and others to determine if lawsuits need to be filed.

“A lot of residents will say they are happy for fear of retaliation, but I feel like most of the residents that I have talked to and also the witnesses I have talked to are complaining daily to people outside of the home to get food, help and calls for bath and they are generally being ignored by the staff,” Denney said.

Robertson says she wants justice for her mother.

“I am not silent about it. I will bring it to anybody, and everybody’s attention and I will stay there and make noise until it is actually fixed and now, we do have a live feed camera in her room so we can watch 24/7,” Robertson said.

The company named in the lawsuit, Senior Living Properties sent a compliance officer to the facility this week to check in to all claims and concerns from patients and employees.

The company responded to the claims this week saying some residents are happy with care and provided this statement Friday saying:

“Thank you for reaching out, we appreciate the opportunity to comment. Our leadership team continues to be dedicated to addressing all concerns and we have a commitment to continuous quality improvement… We are not able to comment on active or threatened litigation, or employment status, but we do encourage any former employees with a grievance to reach out to us directly.”

FOX23 tried calling another company named in the lawsuit -- skyline heights operating -- multiple times and the phone continues to ring without an option to leave a message.

There have also been claims of embezzlement at Maplewood. Senior Living Properties says its own staff and the health department have not found evidence of this happening.

Stay with FOX23 as we continue to hear from all sides about the claims being made.