Lawsuit for slander filed in race for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner seat

TULSA, Okla. — An attorney for State Rep. Sean Roberts (R-Hominy) held a news conference today to address sexual assault and child abuse claims made against him.

Attorney Scott Loftis did most of the talking Tuesday, with Rep. Roberts not saying a word and simply standing to the side.

Loftis spoke outside the Tulsa County courthouse where a slander and defamation lawsuit was just field against State Rep. Carol Bush (R-Tulsa). He said it was regarding allegations made in a news conference last week in favor of Oklahoma Labor Commissioner incumbent Leslie Osborn.

Since those statements, Rep. Roberts’ face has appeared in political ads next to a domestic violence support hotline. The ads bring up court documents from Roberts divorce more than two decades ago.

The ads in question are being paid for by Osborn’s campaign as she gets ready for the primary runoff for Labor Commissioner Aug. 23.

“Internal polling shows him with a slight lead, that why the accusations were suspect just coming out two weeks ago,” Loftus said.

Osborn’s campaign released a statement simply saying “the court documents speak for themselves and were statements made when his ex-wife was sworn in to give testimony in court.”

A divorce filing states in 1999, Roberts’ ex-wife called police on two occasions saying Roberts’ “Physically assaulted” her.

Roberts’ attorney said the accusations were a rush in judgment, adding that “in divorce proceedings its commonplace for false allegations to be made by litigants and unscrupulous attorneys to gain an advantage in child custody proceeding and for distribution of property.”

Loftis said they would not take any questions, but when pressed did add that “Rep. Roberts denies all accusations.”

As they turned to leave, Roberts’ current wife, Amber Roberts, took a moment to make a statement.

“I’ve known Sean for 20 years, been married for 15... I’ve never seen him exhibit any of these things that these ladies are saying and I think it is disgusting that they are trying to break up two families with dirty politics.”

Loftis said they are seeking an “excess of $75,000 for damages” and are “looking at other lawsuits in the future.”