The lawmaker looking to legalize a form of sports betting

OKALHOMA CITY, Okla. — In Green Country, if you missed out on putting money down on the last bedlam battle, or this weeks Alabama and Georgia game, due to sports gambling being illegal in Oklahoma, you may not miss out next season.

Oklahoma representative Ken Luttrell is presenting a bill during the legislative session that would legalize in-person gambling.

Matthew Morgan with the Oklahoma Indian gambling association says if passed, this would be huge for green country.

In-person sports betting isn’t pulling out your phone and getting on a fan duel app or any other app. It’s physically going into a casino where there will be a sports betting operation or kiosk you’d interact with.

Morgan says the financial impact would be hundreds of millions of dollars. But, it’s hard to give an estimate until the bill is made law.

He adds, legalizing in-person sports betting would be a big win for the state.

It’d add jobs, help with retaining people to stay and live in Oklahoma, and possibly attract people to move from other states.

Dan Mahony with the Oklahoma City Thunder communication department says it’s too pre-mature to go into details.

“We fully support legal sports betting in Oklahoma and we definitely have an interest in the discussion,” said Dan Mahony with the Oklahoma City Thunder communication department.