• Law enforcement officials want more FCC action against robocallers

    By: Cox Media Group Washington Bureau


    Top law enforcement officials from across the country are pushing for federal regulators to crack down on robocalls.

    If it seems like there are more robocalls on your cellphone lately, it's because there are. More than 40 billion robocalls are projected this year.

    Thirty-five state attorneys general sent a comment to the FCC this week demanding tougher enforcement. They said they "encourage the FCC to adopt new rules authorizing voice service providers to block illegally spoofed calls."

    A spoofed call comes from a number that looks similar to your own.

    Last year, the FCC did adopt a new rule allowing phone companies to block some fraudulent calls, but some say scammers have already gotten around that rule.

    Learn more about FCC actions on robocalls here.

    The FCC released the following statement:

    "The FCC is considering taking additional action to empower service providers to block illegal robocalls, and that's why we have sought comment on this issue."

    The FCC has also gone after robocallers. In the past month, one company was fined more than $80 million and another $37 million for making millions of illegal robocalls.

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