Law enforcement across the state update mass shooter training tactics

TULSA, Okla. — Law enforcement across the state are updating their mass shooter training tactics as part of Governor Stitt’s executive order, Mission S.O.S, “Secure Oklahoma Schools.”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) and Oklahoma Department of Public Safety are leading the initiative. Commissioner of Public Safety with OHP, Tim Tipton, said they’ve done active shooter training for years. This is just an updated training course for officers.

Tipton said rural parts of the state are getting this training, too.

“We also want to make sure we do everything we can to prepare to respond in the more rural areas. Whether that be a rural school or a rural hospital and you’ve got multiple law enforcement agencies all responding, the municipalities, the county, the state trooper and so we’re all on the same sheet of music when it comes to tactics and techniques,” he said.

Broken Arrow Police Department spent the day at the high school doing hostage and active shooter training. Ethan Hutchins said the Special Operations Teams already works on these training tactics multiple times throughout the year.

As the tragedy in Uvalde is still on many people’s minds, Hutchins adds, you can never train too much for these types of scenarios.

“It gives an opportunity to check out the floor plan check out the classrooms, familiarize themselves with the layout of the high school. That way in case of an emergency in case of a hostage situation they know what to do and know where to go to take care of that threat and to help out people inside,” Hutchins said.

As part of the executive order, law enforcement is required to do active shooter training yearly.