Latest sunrise possible for Tulsa on Saturday

TULSA, Okla. — Daylight Saving Time comes to an end early Sunday morning when we “fall back” an hour. Before that happens though, we will have our latest sunrise possible in Tulsa, at 7:52 AM.

This latest sunrise is due to DST going as late as it can since we always “Fall back” on the first Sunday of November.

Our sunrise Sunday morning reverts back to 6:53 AM and only will extend to 7:35 AM by early January on Standard Time. If we stayed on DST through the winter, our sunrise would then be as late as 8:35 AM. Our sunset would then be at 6:09 PM at its earliest.

By Sunday evening our sunset will fall back to 5:21 PM. It will reach its earliest point in early December at 5:09 PM