Just Between Friends co-founder donates kidney to man in need

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — While many are out doing their Christmas shopping this week, a Broken Arrow woman is giving up a piece of herself so that someone else may live.

Shannon Wilburn is well-known throughout the Green Country community for being the co-founder of Just Between Friends, but now she is also a live organ donor.

"About a year ago, an announcement was made at our church that a gentleman at one of our branches was in dire need of a kidney," Wilburn said.

She said the Lord told her help him.

"I ignored it, and it seemed like every month I would get reminders," Wilburn said.

After several weeks, she finally decided that she needed to get tested to see if her kidney was compatible with the patient's.

"When I went to the transplant specialist, she said, 'Shannon, it will have to be God-ordained for you to be a match,' and I thought she shouldn't have said that because now it's going to happen," Wilburn said.

"I just felt in my spirit that I was supposed to do this," Wilburn said.

And she did it. The four hour transplant surgery was a success.

The man's wife, Kathy, said they are overjoyed with his second chance at life.

"We didn't know when, and if, it would happen, and because of Shannon and her great heart and listening to God's call, we got this gift today," she said.

Oklahoma has 4,585 patients on dialysis and 502 patients waiting for a kidney transplant.

"Praise the Lord, seriously, because this is not about me. Anyone with two kidneys can do it," Wilburn said.

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