$10.2 million awarded in civil rights case to come from property taxes, former sheriff

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Elliott Williams died in a jail medical unit cell in Oct. 2011
  • Medical experts testified he broke his neck; his family's attorneys say jailor's neglect led to his death
  • The jury began deliberations Friday; they resume Monday morning
  • FOX23 has been the only TV station following this trial from the beginning
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After hours of deliberating Monday, a jury reached a verdict in a case involving Tulsa County jailers.

The family of Elliott Williams was awarded $10.2 million in compensatory damages. Former Tulsa County sheriff Stanley Glanz will pay $250,000 in punitive damages from his own pocket.

The remaining $10 million will come from Tulsa County.

Williams died while in custody in October 2011. He was arrested on a misdemeanor obstruction complaint, but died before formal charges were filed.

Medical experts say while in jail, Williams' broke his neck. Attorneys representing his family say jailors' neglect led to his death. Williams allegedly complained of paralysis, but jailers said they believed he faked his symptoms.

Clark Brewster, who represents the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, claims the blame lies with medical providers, not TCSO.

The ruling in favor of the plaintiffs is be the largest civil case awarded by the federal court in Tulsa.

The family sought $51 million.

The money will come from a "Sinking Fund." The fund is filled with money from property taxes, and local residents can expect an increase in their property taxes.

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