Jenks residents wonder when promised outlet mall will open

Some residents are asking when they will see a new outlet mall.

JENKS, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • An outlet mall is slated for Jenks.
  • Though it was initially set to be open around summer 2017, the building has not been built.
  • Officials say the mall is still in the works, but they do not know when they will break ground.

Jenks residents are beginning to wonder when and if an outlet mall will be coming to their town.

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Last year, FOX23 News reported that Simon Premium Outlets was planning to break ground on a new mall site and be open around summer 2017.

Summer 2017 is almost here, and not a single wall to a single building has been put up.

Residents who spoke with FOX23 believe the project may be dead or delayed indefinitely.

Jenks won the proposed mall after the city of Tulsa lost the project amid controversy surrounding its proposed location to Turkey Mountain.

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A spokeswoman for the city of Jenks told FOX23 the project is delayed but still moving forward, and officials have yet to determine when Simon Malls will break ground on their new mall and when they'll have it open.

Jenks and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority just finished up adding new roads that would help with traffic once the new mall is built. A gas line also had to be moved, because it cut right through the center of the property.

Simon still lists the Jenks outlet mall project as something that's in the works on their website.

FOX23 reached out to Simon, but we have not heard a response back yet.

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