Jenks football player appealing his suspension, says he was the victim of unsportsmanlike conduct

JENKS, Okla. — FOX23 has video that’s circulating on social media of a Jenks High School football player getting his head pushed into the ground multiple times after a play was over. The incident happened during Friday night’s game between Jenks and Edmond Santa Fe.

The Jenks player is named Jaiden Carroll, and he is facing a two game suspension, with the other players receive no penalties.

“The game was very intense after that play. They were pushing my head into the ground. They did it more than once, and I was real frustrated,” he said.

Carroll was tackled by two Edmond players. In the video, as the players try to get up after the play, one is seen pushing Carroll’s head into the ground, and another came up and kneed him in the head.

In the video, you can see a referee standing right in front of them as it’s happening. Carroll said no flags were thrown on the play until he said something to the players who hurt him.

That’s when the referee ejected Carroll, while the other players who — Carroll said — purposefully hurt him, stayed in the game.

“I just thought it was crazy that he just sat there and watched that,” Carroll said. “For him to flag me for language I thought that was crazy because we both committed misconduct.”

As a result, Carroll is suspended for the next two games against Owasso and Union. His father, Justin Carroll, told FOX23 that his son could have been badly hurt.

“Anything could have happened. He could have been paralyzed,” Justin Carroll said. “So seeing the ref wasn’t more proactive on the plays, it frustrates you.”

Justin Carroll said the lack of punishment for the other players is unfair.

“Then he’s getting punished for it. He’s a senior. It hurts him,” Justin Carroll said. “He’s a top player and instead of trying to protect him, they’re trying to hurt him.”

According to OSSAA’s rules, “A student whose flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct consists of fighting, cursing or using foul language toward a game official will be automatically suspended from participating in a minimum of the next two regularly scheduled games.”

Carroll said he didn’t say anything to the referee, just the players who hurt him.

Earlier this month, the OSSAA passed a new rule cracking down on the unsportsmanlike activity. The new rule is to address egregious behaviors by suspending players or coaches for the remainder of the season after the second warning. This being Carroll’s first, Justin Carroll said his son didn’t deserve the unfair treatment, and Edmond players should face the consequences too.

“It’s the referees who are there to protect our kids, and if they can’t protect them, who can?”

The Carroll family is appealing the decision.

FOX23 reached out to Edmond Santa Fe’s athletic director for comment, but we haven’t heard back. The OSSAA said for any suspension related questions, FOX23 should contact the high school.

Jenks High Schools declined to comment on the incident at this time.