Investigators find 76 GB of up-skirt videos on Rogers County man's computer

Investigators find 76 GB of up-skirt videos on Rogers County man's computer

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Investigators say they found 76 gigabytes of clandestine videos up multiple women's skirts on Trevor Thompson's computer.
  • Thompson has been accused of exposing himself and inappropriately touching himself in public before.
  • Thompson was arrested.

A local man is back in jail tonight accused of being a peeping Tom and more after investigators reportedly found 76 gigabytes of clandestine videos up multiple women’s skirts.

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FOX23 first reported on Trevor Thompson in 2015, when he was accused of indecent exposure at Woodland Hills Mall.

In 2016, court records show Thompson was arrested for outraging public decency after investigators say he inappropriately touched himself while following women around at an Inola grocery store.

Most recently, investigators in Rogers County say he took up-skirt videos of a coworker at ParFab in Inola.

Court records show that officials launched an investigation after the company’s IT director found pornography on Thompson’s work computer during a routine check-up.

That finding reportedly led investigators to an entire external hard drive full of “numerous other up-skirt videos” on Trevor Thompson’s computer.

Those videos, according to the affidavit, were of “dressing rooms, malls, and public access areas where women are being filmed up their skirts and changing clothes and appearing to be in a clandestine matter.”

Rogers County prosecutors charged Thompson on Tuesday with two counts of peeping Tom, in addition to a pattern of criminal offenses charge and violation of the computer crimes act.

He was arrested Wednesday on $400,000 bond.

The other two cases are still pending in court.

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