• Investigation underway after Tulsa residents spot dead dogs in neighbor's yard

    By: Mallory Thomas


    TULSA, Okla. - An investigation is underway after Tulsa residents said they spotted a dead dog in their neighbor's yard.

    Officials from the Oklahoma Animal Alliance said they responded to a north Tulsa home around 10 a.m. Monday after neighbors reported finding a dead dog in someone's backyard.

    From a neighbor's yard, alliance officials said they could see three dead dogs, two of which were chained up, and another dog in bad condition.

    The alliance cannot legally go into someone's yard without permission, so they reportedly waited until the Tulsa Animal Welfare opened at noon, at which point the welfare group sent out an animal control officer.

    A cruelty investigator took the surviving dogs and the bodies of the three dead dogs as evidence.

    Tulsa Animal Welfare officials said the surviving dog is doing "as best as to be expected in this situation."

    An investigation is underway.

    Animal officials say the dogs' owners could face four cases of abandonment and four counts of animal cruelty.

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