• Tulsa County prosecutors want teen rape suspects tried as adults

    By: Lynn Casey


    TULSA, Okla. - An investigation into two teen rape suspects produced evidence that led Tulsa County prosecutors to believe that they should be tried as adults.

    Jacob Davis, 18, and Corbin West, 16 are charged in the first-degree rape of a 15-year-old girl.

    Tulsa Police

    Because the incident happened when Davis was still 17, both suspects are legally considered to be youthful offenders, which means that, if they are convicted, they would likely begin their sentences in a juvenile detention facility. Youthful offenders' identities are also public record, regardless of their age.

    The Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, however, told FOX23 that they want to try both suspects as adults. 

    The district attorney’s move comes after investigators subpoenaed the suspects’ Snapchat accounts, because they believed that the suspects tried to get rid of information on the cell phones to cover up the crime.

    Investigators told FOX23 what they found was shocking. They reportedly found several videos of torture and mutilation of animals, as well as both photos and videos that expressed violent racism.

    Many of the videos showed Davis, West and sometimes both suspects, according to investigators.

    The District Attorney’s office argued both teens show a pattern of targeting living, defenseless beings, and they said that the rape they are accused of committing shows that they are progressing to an actual human.

    Officials said the 15-year-old girl the suspects allegedly raped was defenseless, because she was passed-out drunk.

    Detectives said the victim's participation in the prosecution could prevent something worse from happening in the future.

    WATCH: FOX23 talked to police about the victim's role in the prosecution

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