• Improper eye gear traffic stop leads to man getting arrested on 14 charges

    By: Jackie DelPilar



    • A minor traffic violation led to a man getting arrested on 14 charges.
    • Officers stopped Patrick McClintock Tuesday evening for riding a motorcycle without proper eye gear.
    • Police say he gave them someone else’s ID and refused to tell them who he really was. The officer says McClintock was acting aggressive and wasn’t taken into custody until a backing officer arrived to help.
    • Officers say the motorcycle he was driving was reported stolen. Mclintock told officers he had a storage unit with a second stolen motorcycle. Police found the storage unit near 68th and Trenton. It was a vacant unit that Mclintock put his own lock on and started using without permission.
    • Police say they found the second stolen motorcycle, motorcycle parts, a gun, burglary tools like bolt cutters and pry tools, and locks that had been cut off of surrounding units. Officers also found an ID scanner, computer, stack of blank checks, bank deposit cards, and other items related to fraud.
    • Mclintock told police he worked for the Mexican cartel making fake checks and dealing drugs for them.
    • He was arrested for two counts of possession of stolen vehicle, false impersonation, resisting, obstructing, burglary, possession burglary tools, drug possession, possession stolen property, violating a protective order, and several traffic-related offenses.

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