Humane Society of Tulsa asking for donations after massive animal rescue

Okla. — The Humane Society of Tulsa responded to a call from a concerned family member about a hoarding situation at a home in rural Osage County on Monday.

They were able to meet with the woman who owned 131 dogs and cats, who agreed to voluntarily sign over the animals to them.

On Wednesday, the Humane Society of Tulsa sent seven personnel in three vehicles to the home to remove 50 dogs and 81 cats. The entire removal process took about four hours to complete.

Lawrence DePriest, Transport Coordinator for the Humane Society of Tulsa described the scene as overwhelming.

“All of the animals were in kennels and crates, the dogs anyway,” said DePriest. “They had build cat rooms into the garage, so there was a lot free roaming cats throughout the garage and the home.”

DePriest says the animals were sitting in feces and urine. While they see several hoarding cases a year, this one was a little bit unusual in that the animals were kept in a compact area.

He says the dogs were very well fed, and he says this is not a case of intentional abuse.

“It was not an ideal environment, but it was not intentional cruelty,” DePriest said.

Many of the dogs suffer from arthritis and some of the dogs and cats are obese.

After receiving medical and behavioral attention, the animals will be available for adoption in Tulsa. Some will also be sent to shelters in Virginia.

The Humane Society of Tulsa is asking for donations to help assist the animals in their recovery.

Donations can be made on their Facebook Page or by calling the Humane Society of Tulsa.

There is also a need for Senior dog food and warm blankets.

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office does not expect charges to be filed in this case.