Human Rights Watch releases report on policing in the Tulsa area

VIDEO: Humanity Rights Watch holds press conference to release report on Tulsa police


  • Human Rights Watch is in Tulsa.
  • Officials say they have been investigating policing in the city since the death of Terence Crutcher.
  • The group has interviewed hundreds of people including citizens and elected officials, and reviewed data from the city, police and courts.
  • The organization released a report on policing in Tulsa that says black and poor people here experience abusive and intimidating policing.
  • Black residents are subject to force 2.7 times more than white people, in black neighborhoods, black and poor people are stopped ten times more than anyone in white and wealthier neighborhoods, according to the report.
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  • The report also says the mayor has begun the process of reform, but so far those reforms have failed to create adequate oversight and accountability, and hasn't brought significant changes in policing practices.

Mayor G.T. Bynum released the following statement in response:

"I am proud of the men and women in the Tulsa Police Department. I am proud of the work they do to protect the citizens of Tulsa, and I am proud of their work over the last three years to develop a community policing approach that will best serve Tulsans. They have done all this without sufficient staffing and with unprecedented scrutiny. We want the Tulsa Police Department to be the best police department in the nation. That is why we maintain more rigorous standards for education and training than most of our peers. Part of being the best is a willingness to invite outside review of the way we work. The Tulsa Police Department has done that proactively, repeatedly, and transparently in recent years and my hope is that we will do more of it in the near future. Each of these reviews offers takeaways we can build upon, and I would expect this report to be no different."
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HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH REPORT: A new report on policing in Tulsa says that black and poor people in the city experience abusive and intimidating policing. A presentation is underway now. MORE DETAILS >>>

Posted by FOX23 News on Thursday, September 12, 2019

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