How to combat bullying as your student heads back to school

Quick facts:

  • School is almost back in session.
  • Parents are legally obliged to report bullying.
  • They can help their students combat bullying in Oklahoma.

Bullying creates a negative atmosphere at schools across the country.

As parents prepare to send their students back to school, FOX23 found out what they need to know about bullying.

All bullying is prohibited under Oklahoma state law, and it should be taken seriously by students, parents and all school staff.

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It can create a climate of fear in schools and hinder students’ ability to learn.

The Oklahoma Department of Education says there are warning signs that can help you become aware of bullying.

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Being Bullied:

  • Reluctant to go to school or certain places
  • Silent about what is happening at school
  • Frequent lost or damaged possessions
  • Academic problems
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Low self-esteem
  • Social isolation
  • Quiet, depressed, irritable, or anxious

Bullying Others:

  • Gets into physical or verbal fights with others
  • Enjoys putting others down
  • Has extra money or new belongings that cannot be explained
  • Disrespects authority and disregards rules
  • Has an attitude of superiority
  • Quick to blame others
  • Needs to have power or control over others
  • Enjoys violence

When students are bullied, they should speak up against it, walk away, talk to an adult and stick with friends.

Parents should talk to their children about bullying, encouraging them to make friends and then contacting school officials to report any incidents of bullying.

They should contact the classroom teacher, and if they don’t feel the problem is handled properly, parents can contact the school principal.