• House committee hears teacher raise plan


    OKLAHOMA CITY - Quick Facts:

    • The House Appropriations and Budget Committee may consider HB 1114
    • The state's bill information says it was withrdawn, but the House Republic Caucus says the hearing happens Monday at 4:30. 
    • The bill proposes a $1,000 pay raise for 2017-2018.
    • Additional raises total $2,000 and $3,000 for the following school years
    • The House Republican Caucus claims the raises would put Oklahoma teachers as the highest-paid in the region 
    • Read the bill here
    • Proposed salary increases by the Senate HERE

    Other bills involving teacher salaries:

    Scroll down for salaries by state

    HB 1237 extends the minimum salary schedule through 2027 without any increases

    HB1359 changes minimum salaries for teachers; for example, a new teacher with a bachelor’s degree currently receives a base salary of $31,600. Beginning in the 2017 school year, a teacher in that category would begin with a salary of $36,000. HB1359 does not give parameters for future years.

    HB 1367, 1524, 1776, 1640  establish a similar increase to 1359.

    HB 1626 abolishes the minimum salary schedule.


    HB 2336 proposes a slightly lower increase in the schedule- a brand new teacher would receive $33,600. 


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