Hostage shot in bank robbery files lawsuit against law enforcement

EUFAULA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Bank Robber Cedric Norris used Julie Huff as a human shield while running from officers in January 2016
  • During a police confrontation, Huff was shot 9 times by law enforcement
  • Huff's attorneys filed lawsuits claiming negligence led to her disability

A woman taken hostage during a deadly bank robbery filed a lawsuit against law enforcement for more than $75,000 following her injuries.

Officers shot Huff 9 times while trying to take down Cedric Norris. Norris was supposed to be in prison in Texas when he robbed the Bank of Eufaula.

Norris walked into the bank, shooting and killing Randy Peterson. He shot another employee, then took Huff with him on the chase. Huff was in the bank as a customer.

Her attorneys say the gunfire from police left her disabled, unable to work and feeling a decrease in her quality of life.

FOX23 reached out to the defendants listed in the two lawsuits. Some have not returned calls, while others were advised not to comment on the pending litigation.

Her attorneys sent the following statement:

Julie Huff was an innocent customer at the Bank of Eufaula when she was taken hostage.  The Bank failed have proper security measures in place which caused her to be taken hostage and then severely injured.  The Bank had multiple, unmonitored entrances and exits which encouraged this armed robbery.  The Bank also failed to have an armed security guard which is in violation of proper banking standards.  Further, the Law Enforcement officers knew Ms. Huff was an innocent hostage yet they deliberately shot her nine (9) times.  Not one of the nine (9) bullets which hit Ms. Huff came from the kidnapper.  All the bullets came from the law enforcement officers—one of whom shot her with an AR15.  She was severely injured and has undergone many surgeries.  Ms. Huff feels very lucky to be alive, but she has been permanently scarred and injured as a result of the failures of the Bank of Eufaula and the reckless and careless actions of law enforcement.

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