Hospitals continue to struggle due to pandemic

TULSA, Okla. — Hospitals are still recovering from the pandemic.

“As hospitals must decide perhaps to discontinue a service, they would normally provide that patient gets transferred. Staffing is the number one factor that is a daily dilemma for our hospitals statewide,” said Patti Davis, President of the Oklahoma Hospitals Association.

Davis says last year when hospital staff were overburdened there were times staff had to delay care for patients.

“It is routine things that patients were told to see about or attend to that got delayed that ultimately resulted in a more dire situation for the patient and hospitals are still dealing with,” she said.

She said hospitals are managing, but with 686 COVID-19 hospitalizations across the state, any additional strain on staff could make a bad situation worse.

“We are concerned about flu season being more exacerbated this year,” Davis said.

She says if you’re feeling coronavirus symptom or even flu-like symptoms, unless it’s dire, seek help at an urgent care if you can.

“Our hospitals are managing but looking back over the last 18 months certainly we know that there has been delayed care that has not been good for patients,” Davis explains.

With a surge of more than 300 coronavirus cases in the last five weeks, the coalition is concerned about Christmas and ask you to stay safe and take precautions to avoid having to go to the hospital and putting additional strain on staff.

She also recommends getting vaccinated. She said statewide 91 percent of patients hospitalized from COVID are not vaccinated.