Homes boarded up in downtown Tulsa as part of redevelopment project

VIDEO: Tulsa homes boarded up during redevelopment

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Homes in the Crosbie Heights neighborhood have been boarded up.
  • The developer says the move is only temporary.
  • The overall project is set redevelop the area.

A life-long Tulsan and local developer has boarded up nearly three blocks of homes in the Crosbie Heights neighborhood just west of downtown Tulsa, but he says it’s only temporary.

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More than a dozen homes in the area around Maybelle and M.B. Brady Street have been boarded up from top to bottom, and two of the larger houses have been condemned by the city of Tulsa.

One resident who lives in between two boarded up homes said no one has told him what is going on in his neighborhood, and he thinks the boarded-up buildings will attract more homeless to the area.

The city of Tulsa and the developer, who grew up in Crosbie Heights and has been renovating homes for years, tells FOX23 that getting the homeless and crime out of the area is the entire goal of the project.

The developer and his company have undertaken to turn the area around in three to five years.

By officially condemning some properties and boarding up others, Tulsa police can officially evict someone from the structures if they need to.

The developer told FOX23 off camera Monday that by simply cutting the grass in the area, they're already making improvements on getting rid of tent cities and improving the overall appearance of the neighborhood.

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