• Homeless Tulsa man reunited with son after years apart

    By: Hector Mejia


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Brian Freeman told FOX23 he wanted to reunite with his 17-year-old son after years apart.
    • He's been seen picking up trash to earn a living in Tulsa.
    • Wednesday, Freeman and his son reunited.


    A Tulsa man’s wish to see his son again after nearly two years came true Wednesday.

    FOX23 told you the story of a homeless man turning his life around by picking up trash to earn money back in July.

    Brian Freeman said his biggest wish was to reunite with his 17-year-old son, who he hadn’t seen for almost two years.

    He said a life of crime and drugs kept him out of the picture.

    Tyler Trudell saw his father’s story on FOX23 and began searching for him, driving from Stroud and then around the 51st and Peoria area, but he said his search was unsuccessful.

    That is, until Wednesday morning, when Trudell tried his luck searching again on his way to guitar lessons.

    “I wanted to just run across the street and hug him, you know, like in the movies, but there’s traffic and stuff, so I waved at him.”

    Trudell says his father didn’t recognize him until he took his glasses off, but then the two were reunited.

    “Two years of emotions just like overwhelmed me,” said Freeman.

    Freeman is still picking up trash near 51st and Peoria to earn a living.

    He says he took a job offer recently, but it didn’t work out.

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