Holy Family Cathedral hosts prayer service for those affected by shooting

TULSA, Okla. — Saturday evening many gathered at the Holy Family Cathedral to give prayer, to the victims and families impacted by by Tulsa’s mass shooting.

Bishop David Konderla said that St. Francis is a ministry of the Catholic Church, so it was only right for them to open the Cathedral to prayer.

“We wanted to provide our Cathedral, a beautiful place, to gather and to support one another in prayer, to receive the grace of almighty god, who we need to help us in a time like this,” he said.

Many gathered, like Jodi Yelverton Guy.

She once worked at St. Francis and said the tragedy really hits home.

“I’m a physician and its hard to believe that that happened to Dr. Phillips and Dr. Huesen and the veteran who was there and saved his wife.”

Bishop Konderla was there just after the shooting.

“Once I was able to be on scene, and see the broken glass in the area when the shooting occurred, then I felt a great sense of sadness.”

He said he could feel the pain, pouring from those who lost coworkers and loved ones.

“You could see the grief on their faces, so it was a great sense of personal tragedy for them,” he said. “There are shootings in this community all the time and that has become a sad fact of life in our modern country,” He said.

Bishop Konderla continued, “This shooting, because of the way that it happened and because of the people targeted, hits us in a way that others haven’t.”

Yelverton Guy hopes that it might inspire change how others haven’t.

“Probably we need to look at how we handle things to - prevent something like that from happening again , but it can’t be a knee jerk response, it has to be well though out,” she said.

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