• Highway 169 construction means lane closures

    By: Naomi Keitt


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Construction will close several ramps off of Highway 169
    • Southbound 169 between 41st and 51st will be down to one lane overnight, with one lane closed during the day until further notice beginning Friday
    • Watch FOX23 News This Morning for constant traffic updates and alternate routes
    • Construction continues on the $6 million resurfacing project
    • Work ends in Summer 2018

    Drivers using Highway 169 should prepare for changes to their route again. 

    The latest closure in the $6 million resurfacing project closes the westbound Broken Arrow Expressway ramp to Highway 169 south on Tuesday. 

    • Drivers can follow a detour on the cloverleafs at the US-169/US-65/SH-51 interchange to get around the closure. 
    • Drivers on 169 South continue west to the I-44/US-64/SH-51 interchange and follow the detour on the cloverleafs to loop back to US-169.

    The resurfacing project tackles a stretch of Highway 169 from I-44 to the BA. It began in September and should wrap up Summer 2018.

    The construction includes patchwork and bridge joint repairs. 

    The end result should be a better driving experience for the 102,000 to 123,000 drivers who traverse it daily. 

    A few resources can help make the year of construction easier for drivers:

    Check in before you head out with FOX23 News This Morning. Our team traffic reports update every 10 minutes regularly, and cut in with breaking traffic, to help get you out the door in a timely manner. 

    When you're out and about, make sure you have the FOX23 News app to get alerted when changes to your route happen. You can also take a lok at the FOX23 Team Traffic map from the app and on FOX23.com. 

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