Heartwarming video shows Oklahoma boys accepting shy child at local park

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — A video and message posted by a Green County mom is spreading quickly on social media.

Christy Rowden posted the video Monday afternoon after a heartwarming moment at a local park.

There is good in this world! I need reminders of it sometimes. I took Asher & Mercy to the park this morning and for...

Posted by Christy Lee Rowden on Monday, May 21, 2018

Rowden said she was at the park with her two children that afternoon when a bus of students from Oologah Upper Elementary pulled up and started playing on the basketball court.

Rowden’s son is seven and is adopted from Uganda. Rowden said he can be shy and, as a result stood back as the older boys played basketball.

Soon after, the fifth-grade boys reportedly came up to her son, Asher, introduced themselves and invited him to play.

The boys quickly welcomed him into their game, cheering him on and giving high-fives.

Rowden said the moment brought a tear to her eye, especially since she is the mom of a black boy in a mostly white community.

Rowden shared the post to remind people that there is still good in the world and to thank the children who were so kind to her son.

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