Hear from some of the witnesses, loved ones at Saint Francis shooting

TULSA, Okla. — Kevin Foristal is waiting at Memorial High School for his wife Holly. She was at Saint Francis’ infusion center when shooting started earlier Wednesday afternoon.

“I got a little heavy on the gas pedal, and I was just trying to get there as soon as I can,” Foristal said.

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Memorial High School became the designated reunification area for family to wait on their loved ones who were at Saint Francis’ Natalie Medical Building during the shooting.

Thankfully, Foristal said his wife is safe.

“Where she was at, they went into procedures,” Foristal told FOX23. “[They] turned off all the lights, put cardboard over the windows and basically just waited.”

He continued, “I’m lucky. Unfortunately those people have a lot of things nobody wants to look forward to to handle.”