• Guess that landmark: Tulsa Golden Driller

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • The Tulsa Golden Driller is 76 feet tall
    • Stands outside Expo Square at the Tulsa Fairgrounds
    • He weighs nearly 22 tons since he is built out of steel and conrete


    The Tulsa Golden Driller was originally built by a company out of Texas that was in town for a trade show in 1953. It was only the first of three "Golden Drillers". In 1959, a second driller was brought in by the same Texas company that was slightly larger before the third and final driller was brought in.

    April 1966, the 76 foot tall man took stance outside what is now Expo Square. He was designed by a Greek immigrant in Tulsa with a slender waist, ripped muscles and mustard colored instead of gold.

    The company let him fade away into the distance, but the City of Tulsa adopted him and fixed him up.

    The Golden Driller is one of th tallest free-standing statues in the US; so tall that the oil derrick his hand rests on is the size and height of a real oil derrick.

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