‘Senseless, horrible’ I St. Francis CEO, city officials provide update after shooting

At 7:15 p.m., Wednesday, June 1 2022, Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish, with the Tulsa Police Department (TPD), Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and St. Francis CEO, Dr. Cliff Robertson gave a press conference about the shooting that took place on the St. Francis campus.

Dalgleish confirmed that the shooting was in the Natalie Medical Building and was mostly limited to one floor.

He also confirmed that 4 innocents were dead, as well as the shooter. No officers were injured.

Police do not currently have an ID on the suspect, but he is a black man within the ages of 35 to 40. He was armed with a rifle and a handgun.

Dr. Robertson gave a tearful thank you to the first responders on the scene. He also said there are over 10,000 people in the St. Francis health system who work to better people’s lives and this “senseless, horrible” act will not change that.

Mayor G.T. Bynum called St. Francis a scared ground for the community, a place where heroes work to save the lives of the community. To those who want to help after the shooting, he did not have just one answer.

Bynum said the people of Tulsa should ask what St. Francis, and the people who work there, means to them. That people should ask themselves what they can do to help. He also expressed profound gratitude to the first responders who did not hesitate today.

Just as multiple agencies, such as TPD, TSCO, TDF, OHP, EMSA and federal agencies, provided their skillsets to help the people of St. Francis, Bynum said everyone in Tulsa should do the same.

Dalgleish confirmed the following after a series of questions were directed to him:

TPD is unaware if the shooter was a patient, nor are they aware if any body armor being used.

Both weapons were fired.

They were not aware if he was targeting a specific person, this is still under investigation.

The second floor houses an orthopedic area, but TPD does not know if it is the whole floor.

Officers were able to go floor to floor and clear the building with the aid of other agencies.

TPD’s recent active shooter training was still fresh on their minds, but it is a topic TPD revisits regularly.

Overall, Dalgleish said he was very happy with TPD’s 3-minute response time, as well as the response and aid of every agency who helped today.

He noted citizens should be proud of their officers.

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