Groups gather to pray for schools ahead of potential Oklahoma teacher walkout

TULSA, Okla. — People from Tulsa churches gathered to prayer for area schools Sunday.

They gathered at school locations across the city at 3 p.m. to spend an hour praying for students, teachers, staff and families.

The prayers came as teachers threaten to walk out of classrooms over low pay and education funding April 2, and state legislators and education leaders search to find a solution.

Some say the potential teacher walkout could leave some students who depend on school lunches wondering what they will eat and some parents wondering who will watch their children while they work.

Tulsa Area United Way officials said they plan to serve as a source for local organizations to help families deal with some of those questions in the event of such a walkout.

The group praying Sunday said that regardless of where people stand on the issue, they believe everyone can agree on the value of children, the teachers who instruct them and state leaders.

The event reportedly began as a grassroots effort on social media as a part of the "Unite My City" organization, who works to bring area church members together.

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