• Tulsa police commander apologizes for controversial blog comments

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • We The People Oklahoma wants Gilcrease Division commander Travis Yates to resign
    • We the People also called out Yates’ criticism of Black Lives Matter and statements about war
    • Yates apologized during the Tulsa Talks forum Tuesday.


    A Tulsa-based group wants a local officer to resign after a blog post about recent police shootings and the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Tuesday morning, We the People Oklahoma released a statement calling for the resignation of Command Travis Yates at the Gilcrease Division of Tulsa Police.

    Yates recently published a blog post on LawOfficer.com called “This is War.”

    The post calls out criticism against police officers, their training and their use of what some call militarized uniforms and issued items.

    Click HERE to read the full post

    He singles out the Black Lives Matter movement in part of his post, writing: “Black Lives Matter continues to be invited to the White House and given a voice, despite violence breaking out all around them.”

    We the People took issue with Yates’ repeated use of the statement “We are at war”, asking “If he thinks police ar at war, who exactly are they at war with? Black Lives Matter, regular citizens, minorities, you and I, anyone who doesn’t immediately agree?”

    The organization said Yates’ comments were divisive and “very concerning.”

    “Pitting the police against the citizens of this state does nothing but deepen the mistrust and divide that already exists,” the organization asked in a statement. “If the commander of the Gilcrease Division is this divisive, what is he filtering down to the officers of his command? We are not at war.”

    Yates apologized during Tuesday's Tulsa Talks event.


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