• Grocery store owners show interest in north Tulsa

    By: JJ Burton


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • The company who owns west Tulsa's Save-A-Lot wants to open a store in north Tulsa.
    • The area has trouble with a food desert there.
    • They are unsure where the grocery store would be located.


    North Tulsa could see a new grocery store, perhaps sparking the end of a food desert there.

    The company that owns Save-A-Lot in west Tulsa says they want to open a store in north Tulsa.

    This is the newest development in an effort to bring more grocery stores to the area.

    Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper says one of her top priorities is getting rid of the food desert there.

    Save-A-Lot is owned by Honor Capital, a group of American veterans.

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    They received money to open the store from the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation.

    Their own mission is to open stores in areas that need it.

    Leaders have already discussed several areas where they would like to see the grocery store, such as on 36th Street North or East 46th Street North.

    Next, the company will have to find a location and start saving.

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