Greenwood Rising museum reopens

TULSA, Okla. — The Greenwood Rising museum is back open after a month of being closed.

Executive Director of the museum, Phil Armstrong, said they had to shut down because of the unexpected demand. He said they originally planned for 2,500 visitors, monthly. However, they saw double, sometimes triple the amount of visitors.

“Over the first we year we looked back our average, it was 4,500 visitors on a monthly basis. In June, we had 7,100 people walk through these doors. In July, almost 8,000 people,” he said.

He said it’s not a bad problem to have. He knew his his staff needed to prepare for the demand.

“This allowed us to refresh, do some more training, hire more people, refresh our exhibits, and also get ready for fall programs,” Armstrong said.

Come October, Tulsa Public Schools’ 8th grade students will have field trip experiences at the museum. Another change is in the commitment wall room, where people can write their racial reconciliation commitments. Visitors can now write their names on their commitment.

Minor programing changes, Armstrong said, allows for big changes and impacts.

To schedule your appointment to visit the museum and to pay, you can visit