• Green Country stores prepare for new Oklahoma liquor laws

    By: Chrishayla Smith



    • New Oklahoma liquor laws will go into effect Oct. 1.
    • FOX23 talked to the owner of Owasso Liquor & Wine while contractors put in new refrigerators for the incoming high-point alcohol. 
    • Many stores that can't afford to make the necessary changes will go out of business.

    On Oct. 1, stronger beer and wine will be available in Oklahoma convenience, grocery and liquor stores.

    FOX23 has covered the impact new liquor laws will have on local businesses.

    Thursday, FOX23 talked Andrew O'Neal, the owner of Owasso Liquor & Wine where more refrigerators were being installed for the high-point alcohol that will be coming in.

    O'Neal said stores like his need refrigeration if they want to compete with bigger chain stores under the new law. He also said craft-beer makers won't let their products to be sold unless there are refrigerators. 

    "I will never be a Walmart or grocery store," O'Neal said. "What is going to keep up strong in all of this is customer service and a good variety for people to choose from."

    O'Neal told FOX23 he will place his first order for stronger beer at the beginning of September so he can sell new items on Oct. 1. Contractors say they are booked until the end of September with liquor store changes.

    Stores that can't afford to make the changes are selling out their stock and going out of business before the law changes, according to O'Neal.



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