Green Country responds to Gov. Mary Fallin's proposal to raise gas tax

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Gov. Mary Fallin proposed to raise taxes on gas.
  • Oklahoma has one of the lowest tax rates in the nation.
  • Voters voted against raises 10 years ago.

People in Green Country have a mixed reaction over Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin's proposal to raise taxes on gasoline.

Some say the extra money could help repair roads and bridges, while others say it will do more harm than good.

The only states with lower rates are Alaska and South Carolina, but those in favor of the governor's plan say those two states have found effective ways to pay for things like road and bridge repairs.

Local drivers told FOX23 they they don't want to shell at the extra cash at the pump.

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Fallin said her proposal would bring Oklahoma up to the regional average for taxes paid per gallon, but she intends to keep it lower than the national average.

Some lawmakers, who ran on low tax platforms, may be hesitant to put an increase in place.

Also, nearly 90 percent of Oklahoma voters said no to a gas tax increase just 10 years ago when they feared it would hit harder in the rural areas of the Sooner State.

The highest gas tax rate in the nation is 58 cents per gallon in Pennsylvania. That rate does not include the 18 cents the federal government charges.

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