Green Country prepares for AAA Route 66 Road Fest

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — This summer, Oklahomans are coming together to celebrate one of the U.S.’s most iconic ways to get around.

Green Country’s state leaders held an event at the state Capitol Wednesday morning to kick off the countdown to AAA’s Route 66 Road Fest.

They were excited to get everyone ready for this celebration.

“Oklahoma has more miles than any other state,” explained Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell.

Route 66 runs from Chicago to California. More than 400 miles of the route stretch across Green Country.

To celebrate Route 66, AAA is hosting the National Route 66 Road Fest.

He continued, “No other state is going to beat Oklahoma when it comes to promoting Route 66.”

Road Fest will provide attendees with the opportunity to view popular movies from the past, highlighting the prime of Route 66 on a drive-in movie theatre screen. An RV campground exhibited a wide range of modern and vintage classic cars and camping vehicles. There will also be concerts and exhibits to celebrate the U.S.’s “Mother Road.”

“It is Americana. It is the best American road trip that you can do inside America,” Pinnell.

Road Fest is on June 18 and 19 in Oklahoma City, and in Tulsa, the event will be June 25 and 26. You can get tickets for both on their website.