• Green Country prepares for severe weather potential


    Quick facts:

    • Green Country is preparing for another round of storms.
    • In Bartlesville, Emergency Management crews say they're eyeing a flood-prone area of Adams Boulevard.
    • They say they have generators, rescue equipment and vehicles ready in case of high water levels.
    • Officials say the Arkansas River is full near Muskogee, so releases from the Keystone Dam are on hold and the Army Corps of Engineers is monitoring it closely.
    • They say they have released water already, and they are waiting for it to flow downstream and make more room.
    • Officials say many lakes are fuller from the last round of storms. 
    • The corps says it is too early to tell when they will release more water from Keystone Dam.
    • The GRDA says they are trying to stay ahead of the rain by releasing water along the Pensacola Dam.
    • Officials say those near high waters should avoid driving into the high water.
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