Green Country Oklahoma rock band release new original in the wake of a family death

TULSA, Okla. — “Riverside Rebellion” released their new single, “Broken Lines” on June 25.

Lead guitarist and co-lead singer of the band, Gregg Shipman wrote the song.

“Broken Lines”

Lines on my face and hands

Lines on my pillow

Lines that will lead me away

Lines on my face

Lines on the bottle

Yeah the bottle, keeps me crawling on back to you

The broken lines keep me crawling on back to you

“It is a musical embodiment of a struggle. Most of us are familiar with in some way of something or someone we love and know they are bad for us, but we keep going back anyway for whatever reason, addiction, love, weakness, selfishness, hope for redemption, or having just given up on trying to change,” said Shipman. “It’s a little melancholy - mellow, bittersweet, and seductive, but lyrically it is an expression of regret and submission to a journey without a destination.”

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Shipman says that the song evolved after having been written and the band members thought it was completed.

“One night we added an impromptu instrumental breakdown at the end of the song which really transformed it from a radio-length blues-rock song into a longer more organic and extemporaneous piece that is never played exactly the same way twice. That was absolutely the result of everyone’s input and the chemistry of the group as a whole,” said Shipman.

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On June 29, Shipman posted on Facebook that his father had suddenly passed away.

“I loved my dad very much and am going to miss him terribly. I got a lot of things from him - including the love of being an artist and a musician, but mostly I will just miss the man who I loved and looked up to. I’m thankful that we had the kind of relationship where we hugged and said I love you frequently,” said Shipman. “There’s truly nothing he loved more than to sing, play piano and entertain a crowd, and he was the best at it. A true “Tulsa Sound” guy, he knew and played with all the greats back in the 60′s and 70′s.”

Riverside Rebellion had a release party for “Broken Lines” on July 1 at Neff Brewing from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The performance was dedicated to Shipman’s father.