• Green Country man searches for late wife's lost wedding ring


    TULSA, Okla. - A Green Country man is searching for his late wife’s lost wedding ring.

    Charles and Sherrie Barnes were married for 51 years. Sherrie passed away after Thanksgiving.

    “She was a fantastic lady,” Charles Barnes said.

    He still wears his ring, and said her ring means more to him now than anything. They were gifts to each other for their 25th anniversary.

    “We went the first 25 years with just bands. So we took the bands and had them melted down and custom designed into a ring guard,” Barnes said.

    He said he kept her ring, along with another, in a small jewelry bag at home. He typically kept the bag at home until Tuesday.

    “I’ve been telling several ladies at work about the ring. So I put the bag in my pocket, showed them and put the ring back in my pocket,” he said.

    But he hasn’t seen it since. He thinks it may have been lost at a Subway restaurant in Bixby near 151st and Memorial.

    “It meant so much to Sherrie, and I want it back,” Barnes said.

    He went back to the restaurant, but no one there had seen it or turned it in.

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