• Green Country lake-goer finds octopus in Grand Lake

    By: Greg Brown


    MAYES COUNTY, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Officials confirm someone found an octopus in Grand Lake.
    • The find came Sunday on the heels of area storms that left extensive damage.
    • Officials say they were able to explain why the sea creature was in the lake.


    Many have heard of a mysterious octopus lurking in Oklahoma lakes, but few can claim to have actually seen such a creature in area waters.

    Officials confirmed Wednesday that a local lake-goer, however, found an octopus in Oklahoma’s Grand Lake.

    Sunday, as much of Green Country cleaned up from storm damage, lake officials opened an investigation of their own after they received a call concerning the eight-legged sea creature in Mayes County.

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    According to the Grand River Dam Authority, though, the octopus was part of a seafood buffet at the nearby Yacht Club.

    Someone reportedly threw it into the water as part of a joke, where the lake-goer later spotted it.

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