• Green Country grandmother jailed over alleged contributions to massive drug conspiracy

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • U.S. marshals arrested Mary Jo and Teddy Cravett.
    • They are accused of involvement in a massive drug ring bust.
    • Mary Joe Cravett defended herself to FOX23 in the wake of drug accusations last year.
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    A woman who defended herself to FOX23 in the wake of drug accusations last year is back in jail in connection with a $4 million meth and heroin conspiracy.

    We first interviewed Mary Jo Cravett last May after she was arrested following a search warrant at her west Tulsa home, where investigators say they found drugs, knives and thousands of dollars.

    In July, records show those charges were dropped, pending further investigation.

    Monday, Cravatt found herself back in jail along with her husband Teddy Cravett after U.S. marshals arrested them.

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    Federal documents show they are now two of 15 indicted in a meth and heroin conspiracy the DEA has been investigating since January 2016.

    Documents claim the Cravetts played a small role in the conspiracy, but claim they still had an important part.

    The indictment says that the major players had meth delivered to them or picked up by them on more than one occasion. It also says that the major players picked up money from the Cravetts.

    This conspiracy is the same one that FOX23 told you about at the end of February when agents raided a house and two auto shops in Tulsa.

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